Suite Recovery

Suite Recovery™ is Villa’s unique approach to transitional care.

From before you arrive until after you leave, everyone associated with Suite Recovery™ is committed to helping you get back to the people, places, and everyday experiences you love. Suite Recovery™ is a program that was introduced by Villa and is expected to be a focal point at each facility associated with Villa.


We value the restorative power of ones surrounding. With that in mind we are committed to providing destinations of clinical sophistication with hotel inspired interiors and modern amenities. Villa’s environment promotes rest and healing. Expect the unexpected.

The Restorative Power of Rest
It is hard to be away from home, so we do all we can to bring the comforts and conveniences of home to you. Suite Recovery™ patients recuperate in spacious, private rooms with en suite bathrooms and state-of-the-art beds. Flat-screen TVs, premium cable, Wi-Fi, and video-chat enabled laptops keep you connected to your life and your lifestyle.

Our goal is to see our patients return back to the community at their highest level of functioning. Our programs are directed by orthopedic surgeons, expert therapists are available 7 days a week in state-of-the-art therapy gyms and full-time case managers start planning your discharge home from the moment you arrive.

We know you want to get home as soon as possible. As you regain your health, strength and independence, we work with you and your family to secure any equipment, home health services, or patient and family education needed for you to comfortably return home.