When you grow up in the Midwest, you learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to weather. Sweaters in the summer? Snow in May? Scorching heat in February? Tourists and expats may be caught off guard by these occurrences, but a native Midwesterner knows there is no normal here. That being said, it is very easy to habitually stay indoors on the few idealistic days we do have. Here are reasons why a little spontaneity on a nice day is worth going out for:

The outdoors makes us happier.

According to Harvard Health, sunshine brightens our moods. Also, if you’re more active outside than inside, you will likely feel better!

Vitamin D.

Eighty to ninety percent of the average person’s vitamin D is created when he or she is out in the sun. Vitamin D is important for healthy bone, cell, neuromuscular and immune system functioning. Vitamin D is great, but be careful when you’re out in the sun! A little exposure goes a long way, as your body only needs 10-15 minutes of sun exposure to create the vitamin D it needs. Don’t forget to be responsible by using sunscreen appropriately.

You may improve your memory.

A study performed by the University of Michigan found that after walking through nature, people could remember things more clearly when compared to those walking through an urban area. Maybe we should all start drafting our grocery lists while strolling through parks!


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