Minnesota Center Visitation Options

Minnesota Center Visitation Options

At Villa we strive to balance COVID-19 safety and visitation restrictions with the well-being of residents at our centers.  We are working with and coordinating our infection control practices in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Health.  Social isolation because of COVID-19 visitor restrictions is a significant concern. On October 13, 2020, the Minnesota Department of Health, issued updated visitation guidance for nursing homes to allow for more visitation.  The following are guidelines that relax the indoor visitation practice at our Villa nursing facilities.

Our indoor visitation options are dependent upon a myriad of factors, including the two-week COVID-19 county positivity rate, COVID-19 cases in the facility within last 14 days and other clinical safety factors.  Because of this interdependency some of these visitation options are subject to change. Additionally, to ensure adequate social distancing, the number of visitors is limited at any given time, therefore subject to scheduling availability.  Please see the center website or call reception for the most current information regarding what options are available for visitation and information on scheduling.

Your Villa center will allow resident family and friend visitation under the following criteria:

  • The visit must be scheduled
  • The visitor must complete the screening process
  • The visitor must wear appropriate PPE (mask or other face covering)
  • Wash / sanitize your hands upon entry
  • Must maintain 6 feet physical distance from the nursing home resident
  • We do not allow physical contact such as hugging, handshaking, kissing, etc
  • We may ask for our regular indoor visitors to be tested weekly

Also, Villa Video Visits can be scheduled at www.villahc.com, should you prefer to visit electronically.

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