You don’t have to go on an expensive vacation to enjoy time with your family over Labor Day. Here are a few ideas to kick off your weekend celebration!

  1. Have a family picnic
    Pack lunches and a game to play. If you have a dog, consider bringing him or her with!
  2. BBQ
    If you live in the Midwest, time is running out to grill outside comfortably! Check your local grocery store sale ads for great Labor Day sales.
  3. Go shopping
    Retail stores love to showcase their best discounts on holiday weekends. Take advantage and pick up a new fall sweater!
  4. Find an old drive-in movie theater
    You may have to take a road trip, but if you’re willing to travel, you can still find these classic theaters.
  5. Go on a bike ride
    Enjoy the weather and take your bike on a path or trail. Download a fitness app and track your journey and workout information.

Happy Labor Day everyone!


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