Having a good friend to rely on can make a difficult situation a lot better. According to Mayo Clinic, the benefits of having good friends include a strengthened sense of purpose, reduced stress, higher self-confidence, a lower chance of forming unhealthy habits and support through traumatic events. Villa is currently celebrating life’s stories in recognition of National Skilled Nursing Care Week. Today’s blog was submitted by Patti Pratt, a Villa team member, and showcases a cross-generational friendship that Patti considers deeply valuable.

“There were times when I felt Tammy was my best friend, even though she was always commenting (negatively) on my clothes and hair. One time she told me my necklace looked like something I got from Woolworth’s. I always took this in stride because, after all, she was Tammy. She also never remembered my name. She either called me Barbara, or just said, ‘Oh, it’s you.’ I specifically remember a time when she was giving an audiologist a difficult time about a hearing test. The floor nurse came in and interrupted our stand-up meeting to ask for my help. Tammy was so happy to see me and she was able to quickly complete the test and get her new hearing aids.

One day the Director of Nursing told me Tammy had taken a turn for the worse. For days, I went to her bedside to hold her hand. Somehow, I thought it would make it easier for her if I was there, but I think I was really comforting myself.

From Tammy I learned that, regardless of our different backgrounds and where we were in our lives, not only had I made a huge difference in her life, but she had the same effect on me. So much so, that here I sit 25 years later still telling her story. By the way, I still keep in touch with her daughter. I’ll never forget you Miss Tammy!”

-Patti Pratt


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