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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

COVID-19 & Visitation: Reviewed 1/6/2023

At Villa, we strive to balance COVID-19 safety and visitation restrictions with the well-being of residents at our centers. We are coordinating our infection control practices in accordance with the guidelines from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), as well as local and state health departments. On November 12, 2021, CMS revised visitation guidance for nursing homes to allow for more visitation.  Visitation is now allowed for all residents at all times, although core principles of infection prevention will be followed.  Please call the center directly for more information regarding visitation.

Our mission at Villa is to make people better—our residents, their families, and our team members. Every day, we take safety precautions and utilize infection prevention strategies. To minimize the potential exposure of our residents and team members to COVID19, we have implemented additional precautionary methods. To provide information, guidance and direction to our residents, their families, our team members, and the vendors who support our centers, Villa created the attached FAQ. We are monitoring all current information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), World Health Organization (WHO), and the state health departments in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. We will update this FAQ and our current precautionary measures as additional information and direction becomes available.

We understand that this is a time of anxiety and concern for many. Our reliance on factual data and scientific evidence allows us to implement changes aimed at minimizing the potential of exposure to COVID19 and planning for the care and treatment of any resident who may test positive for the virus. We thank our team members for their continued care and dedication to the patients in each Villa Center, and we thank the many family members, loved ones and friends for their patience and understanding in light of current visitation restrictions. Villa team members work not only to care for and protect their residents, but also to support them during this challenging time. We will use all available tools—Skype, FaceTime, and telephone calls to accommodate the needs of our residents to speak with their friends and family, and where possible, to see each other. To accommodate the needs of our residents, Villa has launched Villa Video Visits: Keeping Families Connected. Villa Video Visits provide residents with the opportunity to stay connected to their families, friends and loved ones during this difficult time.

We encourage everyone to visit VILLAHC.COM for the current FAQ. Families and loved ones are also encouraged to contact the facility administrator for any additional inquiries, and any media requests should be directed to MediaRelations@villahc.com. Thank you!

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