Reconnect with an old friend.

Making connections with people from your past can give new significance to your trajectory. Invite a friend to walk through a museum or zoo. Go window shopping and catch up.

Go for a walk with your camera.

It may be far more common to hear it is best to live in the moment, to put your phone down and just experience what is happening. What if you did the opposite? Go somewhere with the intention of boosting your photography skills and portfolio. You can find beauty in the mundane if you seek it. Start an Instagram account and share your favorite photos with other enthusiasts.

Take your niece, nephew or grandchild to see a movie.

Afterwards, surprise them with ice cream! Smiles guaranteed.

Reflect on how you have grown over the past year.

We can become so busy and preoccupied with escapist activities that it is easy to not fully internalize our successes and failures. Reflecting might be a therapeutic exercise. Try writing in a journal. If you enjoy writing, make it a hobby.

Explore the outdoors.

Hike the pathways of a park or stroll around an arboretum. Try exploring a place you don’t often visit. Read the historical markers of the area for an immersive experience.

Find new music.

Download Pandora or Spotify and try different playlists or channels. Once you find a stream you enjoy, you will likely find a lot of new music to add to your collection. Try genres you wouldn’t normally listen to.

Take more time in the morning than usual.

Plan to slow down and take it easy one morning. Take your time getting up and enjoy your favorite morning activities. Prepare a special coffee or tea and play calming music to relax.

Plant a garden.

Search online for the plant species you would like to include. Sketch the area you want to cultivate and challenge yourself to create something you will be proud of.


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