Feel Better & Get Organized with These Downsizing Tips

There are many reasons people downsize. Moving to a new city, moving to a smaller home or planning to retire are all good reasons to consider downsizing strategies. Maybe you have aging parents who would benefit from having fewer possessions, but they need help getting started. Over time, most of us accumulate a lot of stuff. Parting with one’s possessions when downsizing can be uncomfortable, but do not worry! This is normal. These tips will help you overcome downsizing obstacles and move you closer to a fresher, cleaner and healthier home.


  1. Create a photo album
    Seeing past the nostalgia of items that are no longer essential in our lives is difficult. If you have possessions which are no longer practical to keep, but you are struggling to part with them, consider making a photo album. Assembling a scrapbook, or album of items you are planning to part with, will safeguard the memories affiliated with the objects and help you cope with moving on. If you have the time and resources, you could even stage a nice photo backdrop and have a photo shoot.
  2. Feel good by donating
    Donating items you won’t be needing after downsizing is a good way to feel good about the progress you have made.
  3. Have a garage or yard sale
    Invite a friend or family member to help, and make a fun day out it! Pricing items for sale has never been easier. Check websites like ebay for current online market value.
  4. Create three separate piles or bins
    While sorting through your possessions, create a space for donations, a space for yard sale items and a space for items you intend to throw away. This will help you fragment your organizing process into easier-to-manage segments.
  5. Use black opaque bags for throw away items
    To help clear your mind when sorting through items you are discarding, use non-see through black bags for all items you intend to part with. The idea is, once the item is in the bag, you can’t see it. Out of sight, out of mind.
  6. Clothing hanger insight
    Parting with clothing is tricky. Sometimes we lose or gain weight, or trends reappear, giving new life to clothes previously deemed unfashionable. Try flipping every hanger in your closet to the opposite direction, so the hook faces towards you when the item is hanging. Live life as you normally would for six months. Every time you wear an item and need to hang it again, hang it as you normally would. At the end of those six months, check to see which hangers are still backwards. The clothes you haven’t worn for six months will now be easily seen, and you can focus on parting with those items.


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