Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the connectivity technology provides? Taking a break from your devices and social media, even for a short period of time, could benefit your emotional well-being.

According to a study published by Daily Mail, 84% of cell phone users are using their phones every day, 88% of cell phone users use their phones as a second screen while watching television and 67% of users check their phones for notifications without being prompted to do so by a ring or vibration. The majority of us are spending time on our phones, tablets and computers, so why would a break from technology benefit you?

Reduce your anxiety

The psychological disorder, Fear of Missing Out, has been linked to social media use. Being connected to so many people makes it difficult to participate in all of the events and activities going on around us. Taking a break from social media may reduce your stress levels, and let you focus on more accessible forms of entertainment and accomplishment.

Taking a break from your devices may reduce feelings of jealousy and loneliness

Research has shown that visiting Facebook may lead to feelings of dissatisfaction wit our lives. With a lot of people showcasing the very best aspects of their lives on social media, an imbalance of idealized content can be upsetting. Taking a break from technology can provide the time you need to focus on feeling appreciative of the things you have.

Taking a break can give you a new perspective

Think of how much extra time you would have if you spent a few days away from your devices. Feel refreshed and spend time doing things you normally feel too busy to enjoy. Spend more time outside, or revisit an old hobby.


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